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Project Title

Supporting Effective Tobacco Control in Nigeria


Tobacco contributes to the huge health burden and disposable income spent by the average Nigerian on health related and non-communicable diseases.  This further contributes to deplorable living standards of Nigerians who are made to bear the brunt of the overall public health burden.  The project targets scaling up advocacy on the need for Nigeria to be fully compliant with the FCTC and also ensure strict implementation of Tobacco Control (TC) Law. It also seeks to build on the work already undertaken in engaging the Tobacco Control Legislation process to ensure effective implementation of the law.

Objectives of the Project

  •  To facilitate the passage of the NTCB and support relevant government agencies towards its effective implementation.
  • To build the knowledge of citizens on the legal frameworks and dangers of tobacco use in Nigeria.
  • To engage non-state actors on Tobacco Control.
  • To strengthen CISLAC’s capacity to effectively engage in tobacco control.


African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)