The Terms of Reference for Project Website Development

1            Project Background
·         Civil Society Legislative and Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) has been in existence since 2005 and has worked to promote good governance in Nigeria, through activities relating to accountability and the fight against corruption. CISLAC has pushed the passage of Bills that project national development in Nigeria. In recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a strong crackdown on corruption following its commitment to join the Open Government Partnership as the 70th member at the 2016 London Anti-Corruption Summit convened by the UK Government and made 14 commitments which was approved for implementation at the Global Summit in Paris (France) in December 2016, this project will serve as a tool to follow up on the progress of implementation, and milestones achieved on these commitments. CISLAC as an organization will leverage on this opportunity as one of the means to continually work to achieve our main goal which is To make government accessible, responsive and accountable to citizens“ through our intensified fight against corruption.


1.2  OBJECTIVE of the project

The objectives of the website are to track transparency, accountability, integrity and public participation commitments of the Nigerian government. The most recent commitments made in London Summit in May 2016 will be the starting area of the website. It will also be the hosting platform to track the Open Government Partnership commitments made in the anti-corruption Conference on October 2016,  related news, meetings, national action plans and feature bribery reporting tool which will be represented by a counter (in number and monetary value).

Ultimately this will serve as a tool to harvest information that will be a background for the advocacy aspect of this project in view.


2           Project Definition
2.1           Product requirements
To achieve high visibility of the projects activities and on the spot updates of daily program and milestones, CISLAC seeks to develop a website with flexible features, that is easy to update and upload contents by authorised users without interruption.

The website will act as a tool to show the general public the project achievements, track the anti-corruption commitments made by the Federal government of Nigeria at the London anti-corruption summit in 2016 and also track the implementation of the Open Government Partnership commitments made by same government and other Learning resources to be deposited on the website.

It will also be a platform for communication and collaboration between the actors which will include anti graft agencies, media, civil society institutions, donor community and the general public.

The website will be hosted on its own domain, with dedicated site resources, a full web encryption algorithm, and a valid web certificate

The website should carry standard feature and experience as found from WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.



  • Home Page
    – Header
    – Search Button
    – Title
    – Pledges/Commitments
    * Nigerian London Commitments
    – Overdue
    – Pending
    – Underway
    – Completed
    * OGP  –  Nigerian Commitments
    – Overdue
    – Pending
    – Underway
    – Completed
  • About Pledge Tracker
  • Articles
  • OGP Nigeria
    – Open Alliance
    – OGP Steering Committee
    – National Action Plan
  • Media
    – Live Feed
    – Youtube Link
    – Bribery Case Report/Tracker
    – Twitter Link/Live Feed
  • Contact
    – Address, Phone, e-Mail And
    – Contact Form
    – Subscription
  • Links
    – Donors And Partners
    – CISLAC Website
    – Technical partners to the project

The Website will contain the following information;

Scope of Service

0        Register and host domain for website

0        Design, develop, test and activate website

0        The website has to be Bi-lingual (English, French), with English as it default language

0        The website design must user friendly, flat and responsive

0        The website should be expandable and do not have code complexity as much as possible

0        The website has to render appropriately on a wide variety of different browsers and mobile phones

0        Administrator should be capable to upload and download any file formats on the website

0        The administrators should be able to monitor the website visitors, number of documents downloaded and all related details of website visitors categorized by countries.

0        The website should have an in-site search engine.

0        The website should be able to conduct a survey of around 10 to 20 questions

0        Users and visitors should be able to rate on articles and provide their comments on specific topics on the website

0        The design and solution must be easy to use by authorised users for prompt upload and update of project activities

0        Daily flexible updating with site not taken down

0        Contain appropriate fonts, colours, and other design elements

0        Clear concise information about the project.

0        Contain project logo, other logo and information about partners we work with

0        Content management – The web site will provide content/screen areas containing, Calendar, Upcoming events, Latest news/Site news, Trending topics

0        The solution should allow authorised project staff (or appointed personnel) to edit and update the website including the ability to create, remove, edit published content.

0        Secured platform – The design of the website should adhere to security best practices, for example: passwords should not be stored in plain-text, all form data should be validated, all user input should be sanitised, user interactions and activities should be logged etc

0        The website should have enabled google analytic for administrative purposes

0        The website should integrate related social media accounts

0        Utilize the latest tools and technology for website development to ensure security

0        Activate SSL certificate for the website domain

0        Search: The Web services company should provide users with the ability to search for and locate content based on keywords and key phrases. Search should not be limited to articles, pages or other forms of content-administrator created posts but should also include user-generated content found within the community areas.

0        Email notifications: the users and visitors should be able to subscribe their self for new updates and news alerts

0        The website must maintained for one-year after development and publishing


2.2         Specifications and Requirements
Technical Details
Site Design
I.          Home page and up to 10 interior pages, plus one  email template design, based on final approved website design. HTML / CSS / JavaScript Programming

II.        Converting the site design into search engine friendly and standards  compliant HTML / CSS, as well as any JavaScript required for  animations, hover effects, drop-downs, etc.

The Web design and hosting company will ensure the search engine optimization (SEO) work will include:

– Keyword research & analysis

– Site analysis

– Competitive analysis

– Site content optimization

– HTML code optimization

– Search Engine submission (free search engines)

– Link exchange

– Web ranking report

III.      Installation of Content Management System

IV.      Installing the content management system on a development server, implementing the template(s) into the CMS, and creating the barebones navigation structure & layout.

V.        Installing & Configuration of CMS Modules & Plugins This would include the configuration of all database driven sections of the site such as: products, videos, lead capture forms, reviews, etc.

VI.      Content Development with social network integration, search engine optimization and RSS socket

VII.    Spam Control: The website should provide an automated challenge system that reduces the number of spam comments/posts that either need moderation or slip through filtering mechanisms.

VIII.  Discussion Forum and FAQ: Website should be capable of hosting a quick and basic level of discussion with and w/o moderation of comments. Members should be able to view and create posts, edit their own posts etc

IX.      Continuing hosting and maintenance of the site, which would include applying security patches, clearing out log files, enlarging disk space before it runs     out, sorting out security certificates and fixing bugs in the code.


Web site hosting
– The website must be hosted on a platform / server with Zero down time experience / incidence

– The web site will be having a 100GB storage capacity to accommodate email storage and web content. With scalability to increase over time

– The host server for the website should support the use of PHP and MySQL for possible integration

– The Website should be optimize for low bandwidth users

– The website should be flexible for the develop of an open APIs to other database

– The web design and hosting company will perform Three comprehensive maintenance annually in coordination with CISLAC Focal person. And emergency maintenance in event of security vulnerability, throughout the duration of the contract

– The website should have a BULK SMS messaging socket for bulk sms messaging and should have up to 5,000 (Five Thousand) units.

– The web design and hosting company will provide remote support to CISLAC focal person(s) throughout the duration of the contract


Mobile Device Optimization
i.             HTML / CSS / JavaScript Programming

ii.            Updates to the desktop version of the site design to account for  various mobile device widths (320px / 768px / [other] ).


Testing and Pre-Hosting Phase
– The web development company would demonstrate the 1st phase design with details of all functions as requested on this ToR

– Testing phase / 1st phase should validate if the site is OK and ready for a launch

– 2nd Phase would be to access Site security, certificate, and encryption layers. If the 2nd phase is validated, we move to the 3rd phase

– 3rd Phase will be launch of the website and sharing with all social media for wide publicity and broadcasting


Hand Over and Training
– The web development and hosting Company, after completing the design and hosting of the website, should deliver a comprehensive handover to CISLAC focal person and conduct a training for all relevant staff involved in day to day upload and editing of the website

– The backup code and source code files will be delivered in full to client during handover.


Training Deliverables for CISLAC Focal point (At most two persons or as will be approved)

The development and Hosting Company shall train CISLAC Focal person (At most two persons) to be able to perform the following functions;

– Manage comprehensive update of the website and management of website’s current functionality, with adding and customizing online module

– CISLAC Focal person(s) should be able to carry out full backup of the web site.

– Should have an automated system that checks for broken hyperlinks on site

– socket to verify if site is up and running

– Should be able to generate web site activity report


2.3         Pricing/Details Required
We are inviting you to make a quotation explaining in detail:

·         The detailed specifications of work to be carried out

·         Item prices, total prices, final total price

·         Reliability of your work (with evidence of similar work done)

·         Time of delivery

·         Delivery


NOTE: CISLAC is obligated to deduct 10% Withholding Tax and remit to the Federal Government. Your TIN will be required

3           Selection procedure
3.1           Procedure
This procurement procedure is organised for Website design, hosting and maintenance. After careful consideration and pre-selection a selection of potential company are asked to take part in the competitive negotiated procedure for the above mentioned contract. These potential companies are asked to make a proposal based on the administrative criteria, selection criteria and the award criteria mentioned below. These proposal are assessed on their compliance, quality and price.

CISLAC withholds the right to check the quotation with one or more potential suppliers before an award decision is made. Purpose of this check is to seek further clarification on the submitted proposal and learn more about the background and previous experiences of the potential company and their works / products.

3.2         Administrative criteria
3.2.1          Deadlines
·         Any questions, remarks or requests for clarification can be send to cislac@cislacnigeria.net  or +23434118266 and copy c.bassey@cislac.org on or before two weeks (14 days), 4th of March 2018.

3.2.2        Contents of quotation
The following should be included in applications:

·         Copy of the registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Inland Revenue Service, NCS or CPN, and any other relevant regulatory body as required.

·         A proposal with detailed quote in your own format with the information requested in section 2.3 above either on a certified document or from an authorised company email address

·         any relevant additional information.


Proposals should be addressed to:


The Executive Director,

Attention: Office Manager

Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre

Address: House 3 No. 16 P.O.W. Mafemi crescent, Off Solomon Lar way,

Jabi, Abuja. 

submitted by e-mail with the subject line “Website Design Hosting and Maintenance (REF: CISLAC/NG/PLT/ICT/001) to: cislac@cislacnigeria.net  and  copy c.bassey@cislac.org and v.prusa@cislac.org

3.3         Award criteria
The award criteria will be based on bidders ability to show competence in the technical bid with a proof and also the final total price for which will be done. As an International Organisation and funding from counterparts for Human development, VAT is not included.

Company profile including list of 3-5 websites designed and developed by the bidder should be included in the application.


3.4         Selection and assessment
The assessment of the proposal will start with an assessment of the administrative criteria, mentioned in chapter 3.2. These criteria are all Knock-out criteria. That means that if these criteria are not met in your quotation, this quotation will be put aside and the award criteria of this quotation will not be assessed.


4          Disclaimers
CISLAC may require the company to clarify its quotation and/or provide supporting documentation. However the supplier may not modify its quotation after the deadline for submission of quotations mentioned in chapter 3.2.1, third bullet.

CISLAC reserves the right to stop the purchase procedure completely or partly, temporarily or permanently until the moment of contract signing. In these situations companies are not entitled to reimbursement of any costs or damages incurred in connection with this purchase procedure.

Quotations should be valid for at least three months after the deadline for handing in quotations mentioned in chapter 3.2.1, third bullet.

CISLAC cannot be charged in any way for costs related to preparation and submission of a quotation. This can also include interviews and/or providing further information about the quotation.

The risk of any costs and/or damages which may arise by not awarding this contract to a company lay solely with the provider. CISLAC cannot be held responsible for any such costs or damages.

By submitting a quotation the Company agrees to all the terms and conditions specified in this procedure and the provisions of the contract template. The quotation will not contain any reservation(s) to these terms and conditions. A quotation with one or more reservations can be excluded from the procedure.


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