The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) organized a one day Dialogue Session for Executive – Legislature – CSOs in Kano State on the Millennium Development Goals with support from United Nation Millennium Campaign (UNMC). The meeting was chaired by the Special Adviser to the Governor on NGOs, Hajia Rabi Isma. The one-day dialogue session drew participants from relevant State House of Assembly committees on MDGs, Ministries, Departments and Agencies relevant to MDGs, CSOs, CBOs, FBO and the media. The meeting attracted up to 35 participants as against the number earmarked for the meeting owing to the crucial nature of the meeting. After exhaustive deliberations on the issues, the following observations and recommendations were made:


·       There is adequate progress recorded on reducing child mortality and increasing maternal health in the state

·       There is an existing implementation gap between the CSOs and legislature on MDG related issues in Kano State thereby creating a monitoring and evaluation challenge and data disparity on score card.

·       The absence of stakeholders’ coordination of MDGs in Kano state has created serious information gap. It was considered a threat to the attainment of MDGs in 2015.

·       There is ownership gap of MDG projects as the people consider it as government project rather than collective responsibility.

·       There is still serious gender inequality gap in Kano State.


·       The Government should put in place an MDG coordination committee in the state to monitor, evaluate and harmonize data on implementation.

·       There should be better synergy between the stakeholders, particularly between the CSOs and legislature as the key representatives of the people.

·       There is need for government to develop an implementation manual that would strengthen public service capacity on MDGs.

·       The Government, CSOs, media and community leaders to strongly be involved in community sensitization and mobilization for the people to take ownership of the MDG projects.

·       Government should ensure that adequate infrastructure/facilities are in place to increase the processing, marketing and value addition to farm produce and curtail rural/urban migration


Participants expressed their appreciation to CISLAC for organizing and UNMC for providing support to this important dialogue session for Executive, Legislators, NGOs, CBOs and Media to effectively engage policy issues. CSOs/CBOs in Kano State are fully committed to collaborating with all stakeholders on issues of MDGs and sustain the engagement with the aim of moving the State forward.



Auwal Ibrahim Musa (Rafsanjani)

Executive Director

Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre


Mallam Y.Z Ya’u

Executive Director



Hajia Rabi Isma

Special Adviser to the Governor on NGOs

Kano State Government

Kano State

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