The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) organized a one day Capacity Building workshop for legislators in the Kano State House of Assembly on the Millennium Development Goals with support from United Nation Millennium Campaign (UNMC). Legislators and legislative Staff (Clerk and Deputy Clerk and Directors of the relevant MDGs committees within the State House of Assembly) were in attendance. The meeting had 24 participants in all with only 2 representing the feminine gender.  After exhaustive deliberations on the issues, the following observations and recommendations were made:


·       There is limitation of quality of skilled labor which has consequently affected the output of MDG service delivery.

·       There is budgetary inconsistency in the proportion allocation to key development sectors.

·       There is fragile security situation which has consistently created setbacks in the course of MDGs projects implementation.

·       Some MDG projects are located in areas that are almost not accessible making it a challenge to monitor implementation progress.

·       Between 2009/2011, the State did not implement any MDG related project(s) owing to the previous administrations low commitment to developmental issues.

·       Bureaucracy associated with due process has formed a major challenge in receiving timely approvals by the executive to implement MDG projects.

·       Delay in adopting the MDGs in the State: Kano State set up MDG office in year 2007 as against year 2005 when the MDGs became operationalized in Nigeria.


·       There is need for the Government to sustain and improve on the existing implementation of MDG programs in the state.

·       Government should ensure that its 50 – 50 counterparts funding of the Conditional Grant Scheme is be sustained.

·       The government should put in place policy that is bottom–top in its approach to capture various interest groups and their needs in the sustenance of MDG projects in the state.

·       There is need for government and CSOs to develop adequate human capital that would help implement very effective, MDG related projects.

·       The legislature should support the executive more in sustainable budgetary allocations to key development sectors.

·       In order to bridge the gap created by the time lapse, every stakeholder within the state should participate fully in bringing about sustainable implementation of the MDGs, state government should collaborate with the local government for proper implementation, CSOs and the citizen should monitor implementation.


Participants expressed their appreciation to CISLAC for organizing and UNMC for providing support to this important workshop which has scaled up the capacities of Legislators in the State. They renewed full committed to collaborating on MDGs and sustain the engagement with the aim of moving the State forward.


Auwal Ibrahim Musa (Rafsanjani)

Executive Director

Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre


Alh. Mukhtar Umar

Special Adviser to the Governor on MDG

Kano State Government

Kano State

Mallam Y.Z Ya’u

Executive Director



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