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The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, CISLAC is a non-governmental, non-profit legislative advocacy, lobbying, information sharing and research organization. (CISLAC) works towards bridging the gap between the legislature and the electorate; by enhancing lobbying strategies; engagement of bills before their passage into law; manpower development for lawmakers, legislative aides, politicians and the civil society, as well as civic education on the tenets of democracy and human rights. It was integrated as a corporate body (CAC/IT/NO22738) with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on 28th December 2006.

CISLAC’s organizational purpose is twofold. It works to train and enlighten civil society on its role in policymaking, the responsibilities of the legislature, and on existing decrees and issues affecting Nigerians. Alternatively, CISLAC aims to ensure that the legislature at local, state, and federal levels is aware of its relationship within the legislature and with other government bodies, its role in policymaking and oversight, and its responsibility in acting as a voice for the people.

CISLAC is presently undertaking a project on Capacity for Research and Advocacy for Fair Taxation, CRAFT which is aimed at promoting a fair, just, transparent, equitable and accountable tax system. Under this project, CISLAC had conducted and published a Baseline study of taxation in Nigeria and facilitated the formation and launch of a Tax Justice and Governance Platform, TJ & GP which is a loose network of CSOs, Professional Bodies, Individuals and Media Persons working towards engaging policy makers on tax issues in Nigeria through research, capacity building, advocacy and campaigns for a pro-poor approach to tax administration that guarantees development. CISLAC is host to the Platform and presently houses her Secretariat.

In order to strengthen the campaign and deliver effectively on its tax Justice Engagements, CISLAC requires the services of a Task Justice Desk Officer to provide support for the program team and coordinate the activities of the Secretariat of the Platform.


The Desk Officer will be expected to:
1. Coordinate the activities of the CISLAC on research, advocacy, capacity building and networking.
2. Maintain constant communication with the TJ &GP members to ensure effective coordination between their individual organisations activities and those of TJ & GP.
3. Establish and maintain strategic relationships with policy makers, opinion makers, relevant institutions, Civil Society Organisations and other relevant partners for promoting the tax justice agenda in Nigeria.
4. Circulate information between among Platform members and within CISLAC of Tax Justice Issues.
5. Provide Support to the CRAFT Project Implementation team for effective implementation of Tax Justice Interventions.
6. Contribute to fundraising for activities and Proposals and Project designs Development of Proposals.
7. Perform any other assigned duties in pursuit of CISLAC’s Vision, Mission and Mandate.

1. A graduate level in any branch of economics, political science or related discipline.
2. A considerable experience in development-related research in government, Non-Governmental Organisations or in a research institute environment.
3. Familiarity with operations of networks and coalitions.
4. Sound and informed knowledge of development economics and, domestic tax, the broader international development agenda and National Tax and Fiscal matters in Nigeria.
5. A proven experience in writing policy briefs, commissioning policy reports and advocacy will be desirable.
6. Strong communication and computer skills.
7. At least two years experience in a similar position.
8. Great interpersonal skills.

All Applications and Resume Should be email to cislac@cislacnigeria.net on or before September 15, 2014 with “Tax Justice Desk Officer” as the Subject of the mail.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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