Given the ongoing illegal, politically motivated and unconstitutional impeachment flooding the State Houses of Assembly, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) condemns the unwarranted and undemocratic action of the seven lawmakers of Ekiti State House of Assembly for unlawful removal of the Speaker, Hon. Adewale Omirin.

CISLAC expresses deep concern by the unjustified attempt by Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose to hijack and control the constitutionally independent House of Assembly, primary for unpatriotic political ambition.

It is worrisome that some State legislators have become insensitive to constitutional provisions and intentional breaking the law for political gain. Unconstitutional removal of the House of Assembly exposes the level of immaturity and poor understanding constitutional provisions in part of some members of State House of Assembly where a group of seven members unseat Speaker of the House.

CISLAC is also worried that the unconstitutional impeachment process predominantly targeted at members of opposition party may pose a threat to the nation’s democracy and sow seeds of crisis in an already violence-charged Nigerian polity as recently. They abandon their constitutional mandates and succumb to all manner of external interference into their activities clearly positioned them as ‘use any means and break any rules in the quest for power and wealth’.

Persistent attempts by the State Executive to federal government to hijack State Houses of Assembly, primarily to fortify its political ambition lack the requirements of the minimum standard of civilization, ideals and expectations of an open quality democracy.

It is shameful that some members of Ekiti State House of Assembly have neglected their primary duties—representation, law making and oversight, and are preoccupied with externally motivated plan to unseat their Speaker.

CISLAC therefore, demands immediate and unconditional restoration of the wrongfully impeached Speaker of the House; advises all members of Ekiti State House of Assembly to be wary of external interference that could hijack their primary constitutional responsibilities and sabotage their recorded achievements; urges the State Houses of Assembly to without fear or bias, remain consistent and committed to their constitutional mandates; and calls on the State Houses of Assembly to avoid all manners of undemocratic power game resulting in disobedience to rules of law.

Auwal Ibrahim Musa (Rafsanjani)
Executive Director of CISLAC

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