Following the most recent bombardments leading to the death of innocent Nigerians in Kano, Adamawa and Borno States, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) seriously condemns the lackadaisical, selfish and nonchalant attitudes of Nigerian ruling class towards resolving the ongoing heightening insecurity in the country arising from attacks, kidnapping and bombardments.

It worrisome that despite the intensity of attacks in various parts of the country, the ruling class has refused to engage in constructive dialogue to bring end to insurgency; as their family members and relatives are excluded from the attacks. Instead of making sincere effort towards constructive dialogue, they are caught in various conspiracies to make live unbearable for innocent citizens. This among other things validates the reports that the attacks are reinforced by political battle triggered by continuous bloody struggles towards sustaining their miserable positions in 2015 and beyond.

In addition to the aforementioned, Former Governor of Borno State, Ali Modu Sheriff, and Former Chief of Army Staff Lt. General Azubuike Ihejirika who were indicted in Steven Davis’s report for sponsoring the insurgents are brazenly found in political reckoning and supported to deliberate on national issues. It is shameful that despite such serious indictment, the Former Governor is leading the front to campaign for the ruling People Democratic Party (PDP). This shows lack of sincerity by the government in fighting the insurgents.

CISLAC finds continuous massacre—under the pretense of religion, of innocent men, women and children from both Muslim and Christians’ communities totally obnoxious and undesirable; as both religious strongly forbade unjustified attacks against innocent individuals and preach peace and unity.

While in the last four years, huge financial resources are committed to security and defence annually from national budget, yet the fight against the insurgents rages on with deadly consequences. It is regrettable that the insecurity has been reportedly remained persistent and intensified by bloody interests accrued to some unpatriotic parties, who benefit largely from security vote; as well as rampant corrupt practice and mismanagement flooding the security sector.

It is embarrassing that in several occasions, the State Security Service has told Nigeria deceptive stories of thousands insurgent members it has arrested without useful information so far to curtail subsequent attacks; as well as lack of sincere effort to thoroughly investigate Sheriff and Ihejirika for their contributions towards the insecurity. Similarly, Nigerian security forces have made series of scandalous claims to have killed leader of the insurgents with his subsequent resurface in new videos.

Giving the daily massacres and destruction of property across the country by the insurgents, various reports are of opinion that upgrading arms and ammunition for the nation’s Armed Forces to tackle the insurgents would be of no benefit without constructive strategy to end the unwary attacks.

As concerned communities declared readiness by exploring the idea of Civil Joint Task Force to strategically brainstorm on the effective medium and collaborate with Nigerian security forces towards combating the insurgents, government has denied them adequate support to bring insurgency to an end.
Consequently, the communities remain the worst hit by attacks by insurgents.

Apart from being the victims of regular attacks, security personnel are not adequately equipped, fortified and compensated to curtail the attacks; and the degree of attacks by the insurgents have clearly indicated they are well positioned to be at advantage of the ongoing calamity.

While the Armed Forces groan in midst of poor working conditions and inadequate equipment, the Government has showed no appreciative effort to call to account the natural and artificial persons who have mismanaged various security contracts resulting in failure in national security

Meanwhile, the recurring nature of numerous attacks have rendered thousands homeless without means of livelihood to suffer a lot of depravity and other forms of hardship including loss of income from inability to work in places where they are relocated as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) across the country. The vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women and the aged are persistently kept under trees and in uncompleted houses and left uncared for. Also, victims and communities of previous attacks have not been adequately compensated, rehabilitated nor reintegrated into their communities


CISLAC therefore calls on National Assemble for prompt declaration of State of Emergency in Nigerian security sector; for the unresolved massacre of innocent citizens and mismanagement of national security vote. CISLAC calls on immediate support and intervention by international community into the ongoing mischievous and bloodshed of innocent citizens.

CISLAC demands immediate and patriotic efforts to recover and return the mismanaged and looted various security funds back to the treasury; thorough and exhaustive audit of defence spending since the return to civil rule in 1999 by National Assembly and other relevant stakeholders; constructive and sincere efforts by all levels of government and relevant stakeholders to strategically dialogue with the insurgent and bring the merciless attacks to an end; rapid provision of sufficient means of livelihood in terms of food supplies and medicine to mitigate the plights of internally displaced persons, especially women, children and the elderly.

Auwal Ibrahim Musa (Rafsanjani)
Executive Director, CISLAC

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