Date of announcement: 12th February, 2019

Type of Announcement: Request for Expression of Interest (EoI)

Location: Abuja



TITLE: Request for Consultant to develop Graphic Designs for a Policy brief/ Factsheet on: Assessing Preventive and Punitive Measures against Money Laundering and Illicit Financial Flows: Effective Implementation of Compliance Measures.



The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), as National Chapter of Transparency International in Nigeria, requests the services of a consultant to develop graphic designs for a policy brief/factsheet on the above subject matter. The consultant is to work in collaboration with CISLAC staff in this regard.

The consultant will run with the policy brief/factsheet available on the above topic to visually articulate the contents of the policy factsheet in a coherent structure through graphic design, to serve the intended purpose of being used as a tool to generate issues for advocacy through the engagement of relevant stakeholders.

The consultancy is within the project titled “Turning up the Pressure: Tackling Money laundering through multi stakeholder Approaches in ECOWAS countries” supported by European Union through Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin.


Nature of Work:

The consultant will reflect technical expertise to facilitate a knowledge product that generates issues for advocacy. The work of the consultant will be to provide graphical designs to illustrate the policy brief/factsheet produced on the subject matter with a view of using the report to engage the relevant stakeholders.

This content design will draw out key issues that will be validated with concern stakeholders and later published for purpose of policy engagement at state, national and regional levels to interrogate stakeholders and actors in the governance space. This is all geared towards CISLAC’s objectives to address certain gaps in the project to Strengthening the Anti-Money Laundering Mechanisms to effectively prevent, detect, report and sanction money laundering in Nigeria. And to also advance for a strong anti-money laundering regime through coordination of efforts by the government, the civil society and other relevant players.


Scope of Work

The consultant/company shall work with CISLAC’s Program Manager on Anti- Corruption and his team to achieve the underlined scope of work. The consultant will develop a graphic layout around the focus of the project outlines which has five policy areas namely:

  • AML/CFT policies in Nigeria and institutional coordination to implement them;
  • AML andconfiscation;
  • The role and importance of transparency and beneficial ownership of legal persons and arrangements to investigate and prosecute money laundering;
  • Powers and responsibilities of competent authorities and other institutional measures in AML/CFT/ IFF;
  • Nigeria and international Cooperation in AML/ CFT/ IFF.

The consultant will sectorise the frequencies of the implications of the AML in infographics for proper understanding by the target groups.


Expected Deliverables

  • Develop a proposed graphical design for 5 policy briefs/factsheets and;
  • After comments and approval from CISLAC, produce graphical design for five (5)policy briefs/factsheets;
  • Share a soft and hard copy of thefive policy briefs/ factsheets;
  • Prepare a power point presentation to be used for presentation of the work.



The report of this consultancy will be coordinated by Mr. Vaclav Prusa and Gloria Okwu who will serve as primary contacts within the consultancy period.



Work in collaboration with and guidance of the Principal Officer managing the project in CISLAC (Gloria Okwu)



This assignment should be completed within 10 billable days from the date of signing of the contract between CISLAC and the consultant.


Eligibility Criteria

The successful consultant will, amongst other things:

  1. Possess a minimum of seven (7) years demonstrable track record of working

as a graphic designer.

  1. Show evidence of completion of similar tasks in the last two (2) years.


Application procedure

Interested candidates are, by this call, requested to submit in a single mail with the subject as Expression of Interest (EoI) not later than the 22nd of February, 2019 the following:

  1. i) Cover Letter stating relevant qualification desirable for award of the     Consultancy,
  2. ii) Updated CV (including evidence of completion of similar tasks) and other relevant supporting documents;
  3. iii) Financial offer for the advertised work.

Electronic copies of the documentation should be sent to and  For further information and/or clarification(s) kindly contact: Gloria / 08101275098.


Selection Criteria

All applications received will be reviewed by a panel with a final selection being based on principles of objectivity, impartiality and neutrality. Female candidates are strongly advised to apply.


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