5 Year Strategic Plan

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The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre commonly known as CISLAC is one of the major civil society organizations in Nigeria with a singular focus on legislation and legislative processes.

CISLAC works to train and enlighten civil society on policymaking, the responsibilities of the legislature, and the existing decrees and issues affecting Nigerian citizens. It also aims to ensure that the legislature at local, state, and federal levels are aware of their relationships with other government bodies and have a responsibility in acting as a voice for the people.

Since its inception in 2005, the organization has had multiple successes in its field. However, it also has had numerous challenges in the ever-changing social and political climate. In order to become more effective as an organization, have greater impact and fully realize its mission and objectives, the building of a strategic planning document is of extreme importance.

The Strategic Plan tackles areas of weakness, preventing the organization from stretching itself too thin due to lack of clarity, focus, and strategic direction. The plan also clearly outlines, not only where CISLAC has come from but where it is headed, giving much needed guidance, streamlining efforts, and building confidence within the organization, defining clearly who CISLAC is and what CISLAC does.

With this plan, the organization is able to create realistic expectations, develop tools to monitor activities, and identify and strengthen partnerships. The strategic plan for 2012 – 2017 defines the areas of priority that need to be addressed. It outlines the achievements, challenges and lessons learnt in the last 5 years (2005 – 2010), and provides a framework for action, results and accountability for the next 5 years.

The political environment in Africa, and Nigeria during the upcoming years will continue to present challenges and opportunities and the CISLAC 2012 – 2017 Strategic Plan is intended to respond to these challenges confidently and effectively. This will ensure that CISLAC continues to deliver its mission with maximum positive impact on the lives of the people of Nigeria during the next 5 years.