Project Overview

As the national contact for Transparency International (TI) in Nigeria, CISLAC is currently implementing a project supported through TI in Berlin to empower citizens to become part of the anti-corruption efforts of the present administration, called the Integrity, Mobilisation, Participation, Accountability, Anti-corruption and Transparency in Nigeria (IMPACT) project.

The project will contribute to strengthening foundations for sustainable economic growth by working with business to improve their practices and with public bodies to develop and better enforce anti-corruption legislation, policies and practices in 12 countries (eight in the Americas – Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela – and four in Africa – DR Congo, Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria, over a four–year period, with focus on increasing the integrity, transparency and accountability of public sector institutions and the private sector, while empowering civil society to advocate for change in policy and practice.



The project seeks to promote citizens’ participation in the fight against corruption by empowering victims of corruption to challenge corrupt practices. It seeks to change a situation whereby citizens or corporate bodies are deprived of access to services due to corrupt practices in a persistent manner due to ignorance, conspiracy or fear resulting in silence. The project expects institutions to become stronger in preventing and sanctioning corrupt officials in response to increased voices, thus reducing instances of corruption and providing access to social services of health, education and access to justice, etc, in the long run.

These objectives are in line with one of Nigeria’s commitment under the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to support victims and witnesses of corrupt practices.


Funder(s): Transparency International (TI)/ Global Affairs Canada