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Our attention has been drawn to a notice for demolition by the administration of the Federal Capital Territory which has marked over 1000 houses in Mpape one of the 19 villages of Bwari Area Council of the FCT. The residents with a population of over 1.8million people feel that their human rights have been violated. The inhabitants claim that the FCT map reveals clearly that the area was earmarked for the indigenes of the FCT for use as farmlands, but was later sold to the residents as residential area. Recall that under the jurisdiction of the law this move can be seen as forced eviction. Furthermore, considering the time of the year – the raining season, many women and children are left to suffer the harsh weather conditions. Some people that site their business areas in Mpape and its environs also find it difficult to cope with this harsh reality […]

CISLAC Executive Director Robbed By Armed Men

Armed men attacked the Executive Director (Auwal Musa Ibrahim) of the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) in the early hours of Tuesday 19th June, 2012 at his Abuja residence and carted away his valuables and properties. The men, about six in number, forced their way into his residence in Wuse at about 1.30am on Tuesday 19th June, 2012 and made away with his laptop computers, including an external hard drive, telephone handsets, car, cash and other valuables.

CISLAC expresses deep sorrow that this incidence was carried out by youths who ordinarily should be channeling their energies into productive and useful ventures that would have added value to society and facilitated the development of our nation but may have become involved in such acts due to the absence of opportunities occasioned by the absence of effective youth development strategies, bad governance, visionless leadership and corrupt administration of resources that has […]

Bribe Allegation: CISLAC Uncovers Plan to Remove House of Representative Speaker

The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) has raised alarm over an alleged plot to use the alleged bribery scandal involving the chairman of the House of Representatives Ad Hoc committee on Fuel Subsidy, Hon. Faruk Lawan, as an excuse to oust the current leadership of the House of Representatives.

CISLAC, in a statement issued to the media pointed accusing fingers at both the executive arm of government and some fuel importers which, according to the CISLAC was never comfortable with the way the present leadership of the House of Representatives conducts its legislative business.

The statement which was signed by the Executive Director of CISLAC, Auwal Musa Rafsanjani maintained that “An offence allegedly committed by an individual member should not be used as an excuse to create another crisis in the House of Representatives.

“And if indeed those agitating for the use of an individual’s alleged misdeed to oust the present […]

State of the Nation Address by Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria

Civil society organizations, activists and concerned Nigerians invited you today to share with you our reflection on a number of issues of critical importance to the developments, security and prosperity of our country Nigeria.

The fight against corruption is said to be on cause. Yet every day new Nigerian are inundated by allegations of corruption especially those in which government officials are alleged to be perpetrators. What is more, there are no signs that government is taking action to investigate these allegations so as to assuage the public that indeed it is committed to fighting corruption. In other countries, mere allegations of corruption would force government officials to resign their appointments; in Nigeria we are concerned about the allegations of corruption already preceding some of the recently cleared ministers into office.

While we reiterate our call for the strengthening and reinvigorating the anti-corruption organizations in Nigeria, we are worried by the […]

CISLAC condemns post-electoral violence

The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre notes with grave concern, the outbreak of violence that has accompanied the Presidential elections of April 16, 2011. This spate of violence which has resulted in the destruction of lives and property is condemnable and rejected in the strongest of terms.

We also reject that attempt to give what is clearly a politically motivated reaction by yet to be identified people, an ethnic and religious coloration, thereby introducing divisive tendencies that constitute a threat to our unity and nationhood at this critical period of our national life and create a barrier to our collective efforts at nation-building.

We commend the statement credited to General Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the CPC, on whose behalf this violence is purportedly perpetrated, in which he rejected the violence and dissociated himself from its perpetrators. We also commend the statement of the president-elect, Dr Goodluck Jonathan calling for […]

PASSAGE OF FOI BILL – CISLAC Salutes House of Representatives

The passage of the Freedom of Information Bill represents a historical event for Nigeria’s Democracy. This Bill is the longest in Nigeria’s legislative history which was first presented in June 1999 during the first National Assembly. The Bill has undergone three readings and a public hearing in each chamber before being passed by the House of Representatives.

Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre would like to express its recognition of the Honourable Members of the House of Representatives for having passed the Freedom of Information Bill. Special mention has to be made of the patriotic task undertaken by the Honourable Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, and other Honourable members who worked assiduously for the passage of the bill.

CISLAC would also like to thank the Freedom of Information Coalition and Civil Society groups for having played a proactive role in its passage and would like to encourage Civil Society […]