Legislative Digest Jan 2010

Presidency: Remove Constitutional Impediments
The essential ingredient of any democratic process is the presence of an executive president, who the people routinely elected as a mark of their mandate for his/her governance.
Since November 23, 2009, President Umaru Yar’Adua left the shores of Nigeria in search of appropriate medical attention in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  It is true that the Islamic Republic has more modern, technically superior and reliable medical facilities and personnel.
What is of interest here is not the high-brow medicaments and medics of the Saudis.  It is the very long absence of our President from duty without properly notifying the citizens, and the attendant power vacuum created in the statecraft of the country. (more…)

Legislative Digest Nov.-Dec. 2009

CISLAC Board Hails Rafsanjani on Legislative Advocacy
–-Inaugurates Kano zonal office
Mallam Auwal Musa (Rafsanjani), Executive Director, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) has been commended by the Board  of Trustees (BOT) of the organization, for nurturing the body to an enviable height.
The BOT met recently at Mambayya House, the Centre for Democracy Research and Training (CDRT) of Bayero University, Kano (BUK) to review the activities of CISLAC over the past year.
The meeting chaired by Malam Y.Z.Y’au Executive Director, Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), Kano, noted that it was not an easy task setting up a focused organization like CISLAC to achieve so much within its short history.
“We congratulate ourselves for the success of CISLAC within its short history. We particularly congratulate Rafsanjani for his initiatives that have kept CISLAC in the front burner in the struggle to entrench democracy, good governance, transparency and accountability through legislative advocacy,” the […]

Legislative Digest Sept-Oct 2009

CSOs Brainstorm on PIB, Demand More Powers of Oversight for NASS
Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the country engaged in the areas of transparency, accountability and anti-corruption in the oil and gas sector recently took their turn to brainstorm on the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) pending passage at the National Assembly.
The event which held in Abuja attracted 50 participants from the 9nCSOs, the media and other stakeholders. It was organised by the Civil Society legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) with support from Pact-Nigeria Project of USAID.
At the end of the forum, participants agreed on a memorandum to be forwarded to the National Assembly during the public hearing on the bill. They noted that Sections 9 to 11 of the draft law “vested a large amount of discretionary powers to the Ministry/Minister in charge of petroleum, with a very limited oversight role to the legislature’’. They, therefore, proposed that the oversight role […]

Legislative Digest May, 2007

CISLAC calls for speedy passage of pending bills
The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) recently expressed deep concern over the delay by the National Assembly to pass pending legislations that have the potentials of curbing corruption in the country.
“The present National Assembly have fought hard to defend its independence and to garner popular public support, has a patriotic responsibility to assist Nigeria consolidate its strategic reform of governance to infuse transparency and accountability and to prevent and minimize corruption at all levels.  This consolidation cannot be achieved without solid legislation, many of which are still pending at the National Assembly,” it said. (more…)

Legislative Digest March 2007

2007 Movement says elections must hold
The crisis of confidence over INEC in respect of the 2007 elections once again drew the attention of the members of the 2007 Movement of the House of Representatives.
Addressing members of the media recently, the group based on the insincerity of INEC, said the briefing was meant to raise issues, alert the nation and avert a crisis waiting to happen.
Among the issues raised by the Movement were; INEC flagrant dismissal of procedures and processes regarding the display of the register of voters as provided by Sections 20 and 21 of the Electoral Act 2006. They therefore called on Nigerians to insist that INEC does display the voters register as required by the Electoral Act and do so along with the 2003 Voters Register which according to them, was better than the current electronic  register. (more…)

Legislative Digest November 2006

2007 Election: Civil Society Worried
The Nigerian civil society is expressing alarm over what it calls a cloudy preparation for2007 general elections. At two separate for a penultimate week, civil society NGOs and other stakeholders listed the poor preparations for voters’ registration exercise, the absence of candidates as well as lack of issue-oriented campaign less than four months to the elections as issues to worry about.
First set of civil society activists to put the issue in the front burner were the participants at a one-day stakeholder’s forum on elections 2007 organised by Action Aid International Nigeria who said that the march to civilian-civilian transition in the country appeared cloudy and bleak if the trend continued. (more…)

Legislative Digest Oct. 2006

 House committee tasks NCWD
The House of Representatives Committee on Women Affairs and Youth Development has urged the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) to ensure effective collaboration with relevant donor agencies in order to achieve its core mandate of gender research, training and documentation. (more…)