Call for Expression of Interest (EoI)

Call for Expression of Interest (EoI)

Organization: Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC)

Date of announcement: 20th June 2018

Type of Announcement: Request for Expression of Interest (EoI)

Station: Abuja


Subject: Request for Expression of Interest (EoI) to engage consultants to conduct a Review of Laws and Policies in Adamawa and Cross River States / Analysis of Humanitarian Intervention in Nigeria.



Nigeria remains a country originating and receiving refugees in addition to playing host to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The major components of current humanitarian needs have been fuelled by the activities of insurgent groups operating in various parts of the country in addition to the receiving of refugees from across the international borders just as environmentally induced needs remain evident.


More significantly, from 2012 the insurgent group Jamā’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’wah wa’l-Jihād otherwise known as Boko Haram carried on a grave campaign of violence and destruction of lives and property leading to the designation of the group as the world’s deadliest terror group as at 2015[1]. The group single handedly contributed to the displacement of approximately 3 million people as at 2014[2]; in addition, to leaving an estimated 14 million people being in need of one form or another of humanitarian assistance or protection.


Resultantly, all relevant actors both at the national and global stage have demonstrated significant commitment to providing both protection and assistance to these Persons of Concern (PoC) covering the thematic focus of forced migration[3]. The situation however still remains dire, requiring strengthened response to humanitarian intervention in-country including the need for evaluating the level and impact of interventions so far in the growing light of reports that suggests an increase in lack of integrity and checking infractions in the provision of humanitarian aid.


Objectives of the Call

CISLAC is, by this call, seeking to recruit two (2) suitable Consultants for the purpose of carrying out a review of laws and policies in Adamawa and Cross River States / analysis of the impact of humanitarian intervention in Nigeria from 2014 – 2018. With a more specific intent of achieving the following:


  1. Ref Code: CISLAC/NC/021

The successful Consultant would amongst other things:

  1. Conduct a sequential analysis of the level and impact of the state led humanitarian intervention for the stated period, documenting successes, identifying gaps and making recommendations.
  2. Document and analyze the Humanitarian Aid and lack of Integrity in the provision of protection and assistance by relevant stakeholders.


  1. Ref Code: CISLAC/SC/022

The successful Consultant would amongst other things:

  1. Conduct a review of Policy and Legislative Frameworks available for the protection and assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Adamawa and Cross River States.
  2. Analyze and document existing gaps in the provision of humanitarian assistance in the both states.

iii.                 Proffer recommendations for strengthening humanitarian response in both states.


Project Framework

This Call falls within the project[4] framework being assisted by the Embassy of Switzerland in Nigeria and seeks to contribute to strengthening the existing administrative and institutional humanitarian response mechanisms at both national and sub-national level in Nigeria.


Eligibility Criteria                              

The successful Consultant(s) will amongst other things:

  1. Possess a minimum of seven (7)years demonstrable track record of working in peace, conflict and humanitarian sectors.
  2. Have deep and incisive analytical skills
  3. Show evidence of completion of similar tasks in the last two (2)years.
  4. Have adequate knowledge of existing regional and national frameworks and mechanisms applicable in the humanitarian sphere.


Application procedure

Interested candidates are by this Call requested to submit in a single mail with the subject as Expression of Interest (EoI) not later than the 16th July, 2018 indicating bolding the REF CODE to which he/she is applying for. The EoI shall include a Cover Letter stating relevant qualification desirable for award of the Consultancy, an updated CV (including evidence of completion of similar tasks) and other relevant supporting documents.


Electronic copies of the documentation, including a scanned copy of the Covering Letter should be sent to For further information and/or clarification(s) kindly contact: Okeke:, 08028303951 or Austin:, 08021365447


Selection Criteria

All applications received will be reviewed by a Panel with a final selection being based on principles of objectivity, impartiality and neutrality. Female candidates are strongly advised to apply.




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