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Call for Research Consultant – Military Involvement in the Nigerian Elections

Research Consultant – Military Involvement in the Nigerian Elections


Strengthening the Accountability of the Nigerian Defence Sector (SANDS) project:


The SANDS project, implemented by Transparency International Defence and Security and the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) aims to reduce corruption risks and strengthen accountability in the Nigerian defence sector. It holds two broad objectives: to increase political and military commitments to defence accountability through increased public debate; and to build capacity of the defence institutions and related state bodies to effectively develop, contribute to, and monitor anti-corruption reforms processes in the sector.


The SANDs project has undertaken several research pieces and reports. The latest – titled


‘Camouflaged Cash: How ‘Security Votes Fuel Corruption in Nigeria’ was published in May 2018. Our research aims to include practical recommendations that influence policy makers and provide civil society with well-evidenced data to engage in public debate.




Like the 2015 elections, the 2019 polls will determine the […]