Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) is a non-governmental, non-profit, advocacy, information sharing, research, and capacity building organisation. Its purpose is to strengthen the link between civil society and the legislature through advocacy and capacity building for civil society groups and policy makers on legislative processes and governance issues.

A Nigeria where legislators and policy makers are safeguarding citizens’ rights and welfare while citizens effectively demand accountability

To engage state and non-state actors for improved policy and legislative frameworks, transparency and accountability in governance for people oriented development.

To make government accessible, responsive and accountable to citizens.

Our Legislative Advocacy Focus Areas


To bridge the gap in the fight against corruption by promoting transparency and accountability in public resource management, contract transparency and equitable taxation through setting up anti-corruption CSO platforms in Nigeria.


Democratic Governance

To contribute to the formulation, implementation and monitoring of key government electoral policies that ensure credible and participatory electoral processes through improved legislative oversight.

Environment & Conservation of Nature

To promote adherence and implementation of treaties on environmental conservation, implementation of environmental clean-up and food security in Nigeria.

Health, Human Development & Social Inclusion

To promote the adoption and implementation of health related legal frameworks and policies as well as gender and social inclusion at the national and state levels.



Institutional Strengthening of CISLAC

To set up knowledge management systems and sustainable resource mobilization mechanisms for stronger organisation.

Peace, Security, Migration & IDPs

To promote transparency in defense procurement, audit and oversight, countering violence extremism and protection of civilians as well as promote adherence and implementation of UN and AU treaties on migration and IDPs.

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